Binding Lyme Neurotoxins helps relieve Lyme symptoms
Bind toxins to help usher unstable Lyme remnants from the body

I found that by binding toxins, I had more energy to concentrate on healing

1. Repair GI

Following multiple rounds of antibiotics my intestines were leaking as most Lyme Warrior’s Intestines do. Antibiotics thin the intestines causing gaps to form between protective outer walls. Neurotoxins can directly enter the blood stream through these holes. Vitamins made by probiotics  are typically the only things that are allowed to seep into the blood stream directly on the outside of the intestinal walls.

2. Turn on Detox Organs

Detoxification organs and processes are regularly clogged up in those who have Lyme. These organs get clogged up the same way a drain clogs over time. Clogged detoxification organs are normal under the stress of chronic illness.

3. Bind toxins in the Intestines

Binding toxins in the intestines helps to keep unstable toxins from recirculating into the blood stream through holes in the intestines. When I started using BIND made by Systemic Formulas I could feel a change occur. Binding toxins to keep them from recirculating is the only regimen that I consistently use every day

4. Bind toxins in the blood stream

Learning about Binding toxins in the blood stream was an epiphany for me. A major catalyst for change and one of the last major steps that helped me regain my health

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