Dissolve cysts and neurotoxins to resolve the symptoms of Lyme

 Dissolving neurotoxins and cysts was the hardest part in resolving my Lyme
-J.P. Davitt

 I thought I was going to die
I failed over and over at dissolving neurotoxins
Lyme became chronic and the pain unbearable
You must
Kill bacteria and Dissolve both cysts and neuro toxins


Round 1. Feed the detox organs as you get ready for the fight –
Epic gets into the micro vessels, feet, hand eyes groin.
Adrenals help take the edge off of healing. Foot baths and Saunas and
really speed up detoxification.

Round 2. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that ushers large toxins out of
cells and into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system escorts toxins
to exits. Liver, Kidney, Intestines, skin, lungs.
Binders grab toxins in the large intestine to prevent recirculation

Round 3.
Enzymes activate processes within the body, and aid in dissolving Lyme
cysts and neurotoxins

Round 4.
This is the round you have been preparing for.
Neuro Antitox II will dissolve Cysts and neurotoxins, but be ready for a
flood of toxicity into the system. This can be brutal.
Cleanse to make this process bearable

 There is a difference between healing you
And killing your Lyme disease
Your Lyme can all be dead and you still are sick

Neuro-Antitox II was the most brutal supplement I ever took
It overwhelmed my nervous system, but it changed changed my life

I believe that this supplement dissolved Lyme cysts and neurotoxins

 This supplement is packaged with a systemic binder and minerals. When I used this supplement without a binder my nervous system was on
overload for weeks. When I added Cyto Detox binder, I found the nervous system burden much less.

I started with the recommended dosage and it was far too much for me. Using the recommended dosage I was set back in my healing due to nervous system overload about 3 weeks.

I restarted very slow as it takes a few days to work. Key is to start slow. I incorporated Cyto Detox binder to mop up all the free floating toxins. I also incorporated a liquid mineral supplement to replace the minerals that this detox binder pulled from my system

1. Package - 3 supplements

1. Package - 3 supplements